Murder of Crows

getting the goods

Everyone is running from where they are… opportunity has never smiled on any of us…
We have all heard the rumors that there is a fairly well established thief… Lia-Kavair – our family together
There is a thief in TormauJamys of Abrant… who is looking for help with a job… fresh faces for a job.
Getting to Tormau is quite a hike… several days on the road in the woods… most of us are city boys… have to put up with bugs and chewing on questionable roots and leaves… after several days come out of the woods and arrive at a river that we cross on the ferry
Well I swim and everyone else goes on the ferry… Glifen talks the ferryman into letting him pay for himself while the big mean dude goes across.
From the edge of town
There is construction of a palisade wall around the town and to the north side of town there is a tent city… Trying to go to the white stoat in… a stoat is a weasel
The place is not very nice… it is clean… not lots of space for someone like me

There is a shrine in the field… in the open with flowers

Hide worker building on the edge of town.. anything but tack and armor
Physician on the right…
Cottages and farms… then a little building wit a white stote…
Jamys – imposing dude
Rumors of outright rebellion war and some rumors of There is some degree of enmity between the earl of tormau and the king of retham
Travel up the deni river and look for a man who is important to a significant and powerful man in this town – employee of the castle Coln of Kutz he is a big man cant miss him if you find him red beard and bald.. not Ivinian – he was in the employ of the constable one of the people who made contacts with the natives… we need to know what happened to him bring him back alive if possible… if not possible we need to know how he died and how he died and proof … a head is the best way.
Quin manor we will meet Kubora tribesmen they will have boats (the savages) likes picts during the roman conquest
Going to a trading post ten leagues up the river give it to ardo of gile..
Once you find out what happened to kutz…
Came to tormau 3 summers ago…
Small group of mercenaries less than 10 men…
Hard men to do hard work
Legitimate man took well to working with the kabora had a way about him that the kabora trusted… he gained favor with the earl sent on missions would disappear for days weeks at a time… then one day last summer he and his men were not around anymore.
He was expected back and he has not returned.
Scribe that he kept with him -

food for the road… Chandlers…
lue got raped by the leather dude.

I got a leather hat and a bag/backpack
luke purchased an axe… wood axe.

There is an inn called the poachers reward…
there are Ivinians in the inn and there are Kuborans… they are the mercenary army of the earl… about 100 of each. of the 200 less than a 10th are here
The sort of cluster together…. there are plenty of them who are in there talking…

the Kuboran know Coln of kutz they respected him because he knew their ways… they say they don’t know what happened… he never pretended to be a kaborian… coln leanred that he could just not wear the armor… he was fast and quiet… heard things…
maybe he did not learn enough… the forest feds on those that don’t fear it… he took the wrong turn and ended up in the marshes where the ogres …. don’t know what happened to koln…

I pick the pockets ofa drunk Ivinian… 17 silver pennies I am rich

the ivinians said taht koln was a rough bastard… koln was one of the earls runners…
people like him run through the forest deal with the natives… big man red beard no hair.
everyone got 2 points

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