Golotha is the principal settlement of the Kingdom of Rethem and the political heir to the infamous Theocracy of Tekhos. Strategically located at the mouth of the River Thard, the city was founded in the fourth century on ground reclaimed from a misty swamp. It is still plagued by morning fogs, and fetid canals run through the city. Golotha is a city of secrets and dark places. Its narrow streets are dangerous even during the day.

Golotha is a Rethemi freetown, governed by a Heptarchial Council under charter of the king. The council’s jurisdiction does not extend over the royal enclave, Caer Chaftar. The Morgathian church dominates the Heptarchial Council and has an almost free reign in its dark activities.

There is a chronic shortage of garrison patrols, largely due to the intransigent relationship between the council and the military authorities who are essentially besieged inside Caer Chaftar. Law and order is almost nonexistent and many a hapless citizen or visitor has vanished, never to be seen again.

Golotha is the home of a large Pamesani Arena as well as a a vast Morgathian necropolis.


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