The Empress of Opulence, Queen of Pleasures and Self-fulfillment, Maker of Bargains, Guardian of the Treasure Hoards of Heaven, Enslaver of Hearts and Loins, Unchaste Lady of the Ten Forgotten Acts, Golden Temptress of the Crimson Chamber.

Halea is a complicated goddess who fills several roles. To many, and especially to her detractors, Halea is an amoral goddess of hedonism, lust and vice. While she certainly fills that role, to view her or her followers as simple pleasure seekers without wit or intelligence is to miss her other aspect. As the “Maker of Bargains” she is also a shrewd and discerning deal maker who appreciates and rewards hard work and business savvy, so she is popular among the wealthy merchant class. But, in that same sense, she expects her adherents to be generous with the church which has helped them achieve their fortune.

Obviously, she appears in legend and iconography as an indescribably beautiful woman and object of lust. She and her priestesses (the clergy is entirely female) dress in revealing and diaphanous clothing. The colors purple, pink and gold, are commonly used. Common symbols used are bells, and the number seven. Whether true or not, her ceremonies are rumored to be quite debauched and commonly end in an orgy.

Halea is tolerated by most kingdoms but seldom receives much privilege by the ruling authorities. Since she primarily appeals to the wealthy merchant class who tend to make their homes in large towns or cities, most temples dedicated to the goddess are in urban settings. The Church of Halea is permitted in Rethem, but lacks the status of Agrik or Morgath.


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