Master of Araka-Kalai, Brooder in the Blasted Plains, The Serpent that Dwells Below, Accursed Lord of the Barren Cycle, Prince of the Fatherless Multitude, Craven Lord of the Sterile Lands.

Ilvir is the only god who actually lives on the island of Hârn, dwelling in deep caverns north of Lake Benath known as Araka-Kalai. (Most other gods live on the magical plane / realm of Yashain.) It is, in theory, possible to go to Araka-Kalai and visit Ilvir, but few apparently choose to do so. Ilvir is a shapechanger, and he takes whatever shape suits him at a given moment; he is therefore usually represented by symbols. His favorite shape is that of the Serpent, a giant gelatinous worm able to exude appendages or create organs at will.

Despite his proximity, Ilvir is not a popular god except among certain cultures. Ilvir has little (or no) concern for most human affairs, preferring to spend his time creating strange life-forms known as the Ivashu. Ilvir’s worshippers have many different viewpoints, lifestyles, and morality. Most stress individualism, creativity and chaos. Sects of Ilvir appear and vanish quite quickly.

Worship of Ilvir is somewhat popular among the Jarin, especially the Jarin of the north. The church, if it can be called that, has no central organization or unified dogma. It can be said that there are as many sects dedicated to Ilvir as there are priests. Some priests of Ilvir can be quite scholarly, but they have a general reputation for being somewhat eccentric, if not crazed.

Because the Ivashu can be quite dangerous, Ilvir is occasionally lumped with the dark gods (Agrik, Morgath and Naveh) and worship is proscribed and subject to harsh punishment. This is most common in Kanday, which does not have many Jarin or other worshippers of Ilvir. Even there the crime of following Ilvir is rarely enforced. In kingdoms like Kaldor the worship of Ilvir is tolerated, but the church enjoys no special status or privilege.

Some detractors claim that Ilvir is “merely” a demi-god, only given greater weight because he is so close.


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