The Coward of Dolithor, She-Bitch of Betrayal, The Enemy

Larani is the despised goddess worshipped widely in hated Kanday and other kingdoms of weaklings. Rather than a true warrior god, such as Agrik, Larani values absurd and dated concepts such as “honor” and “chivalry”.

Larani is the hated foe of Agrik, and they two have fought duels, usually inconclusive, through the centuries. In the last duel Agrik was on the verge of slaying Larani when Peoni intervened and healed her. She then, in a cowardly fashion, slashed two claws from Agrik’s hand. Peoni offered to heal his hand as well, but Agrik preferred to keep the wound to remind him of their treachery.

Knights and clergy of Larani typically dress in red and white, and many bear a red and white checkered shield.


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