Lord of the Pitch Shadows, Master of Deceit and Evil Dreams, Lord of the Last Illusion, The Unseen Lifter of Lives, Trancer the Cat, Wealth’s Worry, The Merchant of Death

Naveh is the most merciless of all the gods. Although some claim that distinction for Morgath, Naveh is motivated by cold and remorseless intelligence rather than by violent insanity. He is the god of darkness, and is often worshiped by thieves and assassins.

Naveh is known as the bringer of nightmares, and is associated with untimely and inexplicable death. He is sometimes called the Thief of Heaven, and is deemed a doer of the impossible and a master of lies and deception.

The Navehan church has no true laity. It holds no lay services and has no socially significant sacraments to mark rites of passage such as birth, marriage, or death. There are many who pay respect to Naveh privately. Those who are respected in their community are often members of another church, praying to the Master of Deceit for their own private reasons. Theives may worship Naveh in their own way, but know nothing about the true workings of the formal church.

The formal Church of Naveh is highly secretive. An occasional Priest-Assassin is sometimes revealed and caught, but the actual church and its structure remains a mystery. Some underworld contacts with the Church can be made for assassinations, but negotiations never happen on the temple grounds, assuming there are any.


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