As mentioned in Coinage, the standard currency on Harn is the silver penny; abbreviated a “d”, for pence.

Weapons and armor are expensive. The ruling nobility of every kingdom prefers it this way to better keep the rabble from being armed.

A price list of most conceivable items can be found following this link:

These prices are average. Higher quality items, or a regional scarcity will produce higher, or even much higher prices.

Starting Wealth

Characters start with one set of standard clothing, which would include a tunic, cloak, some shoes or boots, leggings / leg wraps, and the like, all of average (at best) quality. Beyond that characters have extra money to spend on other items totaling 200d. Any unspent coin will be pocket change at the start of the game. Advantages, such as wealthy, can increase that amount, but are not recommended based on the nature of the campaign.

Note that some weapons are Chivalric Weapons and can only be carried by the nobility, or those working directly in the service of a noble. Weapons and armor tend to be discreet. Someone heavily armed and/or armored may be subject to suspicion and questioning.


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