A fuedal kingdom in western Hârn, founded in 635 by Arlun the Barbarian and currently ruled by King Chafin III from his seat in Shostim. Rethem has a violent history and is Hârn’s most unstable, treacherous, and dangerous state. Only lip-service is paid to the institutions of fealty and honor, for Rethemi politics are a maelstrom of intrigue and assassination. The churches of Agrik and Morgath play pivotal roles in the kingdom; generally to the benefit of no one.

Rethem is plagued by disunity, often to the point of anarchy – King Chafin III has received fealty from most of the land owners and fighting orders in Hârn, but it is well known that the powerful and rebellious Earl of Tormau has yet to swear fealty.

Rethem is bordered along its southern border by its arch-enemy, the hated Kingdom of Kanday. Numerous skirmishes between religious fighting orders continue along that border to this day. To the east it is bordered by the Thardic Republic with which Rethem has an uneasy truce. To the north, Rethem is bordered by the vast and ancient wilderness known as Peran.

The chartered freetown of Golotha is located in Rethem.


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